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Drawing/Document Management Service
Are you having trouble keeping on top of the thousands of drawings and manuals you are responsible for? PLC Solutions may have just the solution you need. We can manage your Drawings, Manuals and other Documents with our Drawing/Document Management Service (DMS). The DMS is not a software package available for commercial sale. It is an internet based service through which our clients access their Drawings/Documents from our secure servers. Another aspect of this DMS is tailored for Project Documents Management and its particular requirements.
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Large Format Drawing Scanning
Get rid of those old, awkward paper documents and bulky storage cabinets. We can scan your drawings to PDF or TIFF formats (up to size A0 B&W or Full Colour).
Once scanned you can have your drawings loaded onto a disk or we can manage them for you.
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AutoCAD Drawing Markups
We also provide a 2D drawing markup service specialising in electrical schematics.
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LED Strip Lights for Local Visible Break Isolators
24VDC LED Lighting Strips for illuminating the contacts of Local Isolators.
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Stainless Steel Tags for Labelling Pipe Valves
A range of custom made Stainless Steel Tags to identify valves in your water reticulation system and process plants.
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